Rennaisance Grand Sale

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Evening all. Lately mood nak update blog semakin merangkak rangkak. Kerja semakin menimbun, plus dengan sakit gigi. Yang tak bestnya sakit gigi depan pulak tuh. Last friday, jumpa Specialist gigi di Sungai Buloh, doktor tap tap gigi, dia kata ada pulp inflame and kena buat Root canal. I kind of aspect that since dah google dulu sebelum pergi check. Just if possible, tak nak buat, but i think i have no other choice....

Ok ok...Last saturday, i got to work. But before i went to my office, sempat pergi ke Grand Sale di Rennaisance atas invitation kawan yang kerja di sana. Kena flash invitation card tu sebelum masuk hokeyyyy...and i did line up almost 1 hour and 30 minutes just to get into the grand ballroom.

Among the products:
  • Clinique
  • Coach
  • Mac
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Aramis
  • Polo
  • Estee Lauder
  • DKNY
Then, after dah kat dalam, mata jadi rambang sekejap. Sekejap jeh la. Sebab lepas lepas tuh tengok crowd ramai sangat sampai dah tak nampak barang. Hot sale items macam Mac and Bobbi Brown. Compact Powder dapat RM70 jeh, tapi color yang light semua dah sold out. Yang tinggal semua dah gerhana....

I bought this for only RM60




Que that day...
Ok, nak sambung kerja. Can't hold so long in here....I just bought myself 1 box of Estee Lauder Lip Gloss together with cosmetic bag and also satu beg Mac dengan harga kesemuanya RM100.....hujung bulan...tak boleh nak buat apa...:(......ok then....

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

Happy Birthday Mama!

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Last week was my mom's birthday. We are thinking what is the best gift to give her. Finally we decided to gather and having dinner together. The last time we had this i think was last year for Ramadhan Buffet. Since it was a last minute plan, they we agree to meet at Serai@ Live Centre at Jalan Sultan Ismail. Just nearby KLCC.The menu not that much. But the taste was quite good.

Serai @live centre

Waiting for the other family member.

The Cake from Wondermilk

Happy Birthday Mum!

Skinned Salmon with Saute Potato and Asparagus for me..

Nasi Kerabu for Mr Hubby
This entry hanya gambar jeh. Tak ada masa lak nak story panjang panjang. Tak pandai nak elaborate panjang panjang. And THANK YOU SO MUCH Babah for belanja us that night. Next time boleh belanja lagi......:).....

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Sembunyi, Amukan Azazil

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Dah lama tak buat movie review.2 Minggu lepas, aku terfikir nak tengok filem melayu. Sebenarnya, terus terang aku kata, aku bukanla peminat filem melayu. Ye, frankly. Bukan tak nak menyokong filem tempatan, tapi cuba kita selami betul betul, filem melayu mana yang betul betul dapat mengangkat martabat filem melayu?Semuanya cliche. Tak cinta, dendam, tak dendam, remaja hanyut, and bla bla bla....tapi tak dinafikan, cerita cerita macam tuh ada peminat yang tersendiri...not offend ye..:)

Tapi, i am fan of Kabir Bhatia's touch. I think he has a special aura. So then, i decided to watch his latest movie, Sembunyi Amukan Azazil.Ye, filem ni macam kurang promo kan. Tapi dah lama nampak poster Azazil ni dekat sneak preview. Unfortunately, when i was in the cinema, i guess, it was only 2 rows with audience, the rest was empty....

What i have to say about this movie? Well, i can rate only 2 from 5. Something bizarre somewhere...

  • I think this is a periodical movie. Jumping from the time of japanese occupation till the date of World  Trade Centre's bombing makes me unsure which year was actually Aisyah (played by Diana Danielle)  actually lived.
  • All casting are great. No doubt about it. Umie Aida did a great job. So does Remmy Ishak. Diana Danielle was good too except she screams too much in this movie.
  • This is unacceptable. Since this film was a periodical, they happen to use old language like all to be pronounced in Baku. But sometimes, they used to slip and using like current language and it makes the scene sounds funny. For example, Sharnaz Ahmad utter the word "dari dahulu sampai sekarang kau masih lembik".....ohhh..i don't think it suits the scene at all and sometimes i think Kabir Bhatia is purposely putting those word to make the scene looks funny.
  • Hohoho..the so called "Azazil" is not actually Azazil, it was "jin"..and somehow, those community at that time was like so "Khurafat" and jauh menyimpang dari ajaran islam. But,  i guess it was just imagination.
And banyak lagi perkara perkara lucu yang terjadi dalam movie ni. Like ada satu scene Remy Ishak (in bunian version) fought with (Sharnaaz Ahmad also in Bunian Version).Ohhh my Goody goody, muka Sharnaz Ahmad sangatla kelakar, dengan janggut yang bergoyang2 ditiup angin, unwanted hilarous scene over there. Tak pasal pasal aku gelak kuat kuat dalam cinema tuh sampai Mr Hubby pandang pandang dengan pandangan yang musykil....hohohoh

Apapun, tahniah buat director sebab cinematography sangat cantik.....tak sure shooting dekat mana, tapi kawasan kampung tu sangat cantik. Katanya menelan belanja sampai 1.8K???.......okla...ada kerja nak sambung ni...see you all in the next entry...:)..babai....

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Londoner Vs New Yorker

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Salam All..

Today i got mood to write. Susah la nak cari mood dan masa untuk meng update blog sekarang. Especially restriction dari sudut masa.Ok ok..stop bebelan...i just nak share one point jeh dalam entry ni. Some of my friends asking me which one is more fun, either travelling to europe or to United States.Well, its a bit hard to response since i am not a full time traveler There was so many other places that i have not been there yet. 

Never mind, i can simply say, both are gorgeous. Both are mesmerizing. Personally, i loved europe more in terms of scenic view and variety of cultures and languages. But, it might be different to others.I can't say much on this. It just my personal view.


In terms of safety, i prefer London. Not that i say New York is not safe, but the crime rates and homeless are much higher in New York. Not that also i say London is a free crime city, but the fear is much less when you walk around the city even at night.


Well, both are superb. But when it comes to this, there are Pro and Contra as well. In London, the underground train known as Tube is much organized. You can simply recognize  the name of the Station. As in New York, the underground train known as Metro is jumble up with Alphabets and Numeric lines as it was running by 2 different companies. But one good point about New York is that, their Metro is running 24/7. Then you don't have to worry if you arrived late at midnight. But as the Tube in London, running time is about 6.00AM up to 11.Pm.


When we are talking about the weather, its hard to say. As i have not experienced much on this. But looking at the latitude, New York is much extreme when it comes to Winter. Extreme in the sense of the snow amount and possibility of the blizzard as well.  Both experienced 4 annual seasons and i believe both are extremely beautiful in Autumn and Spring. Some says, its hard to find inches of Snow at the Central Of London. I am not sure about that. But since i went to New York in Winter, i can simply say, the snow along the NYC is about 3 inches to 5 inches.

At the Central of NYC, Hyatt Place Hotel


Both are the same. Very easy to find Halal Food. Not too worry. But personally, i think Halal Food in NYC is much cheaper.

Jom Makan, Malaysian Food at Central London

Halal Booth

Londoner used to talk with accent and a bit slower than a New Yorker. I always have a trouble listening to them..hahaha, funny...i have to listen twice each time having a conversation with them. Same goes to the New Yorker. They don't have accent but they talk as swift as wind..haha...hard to catch... But as long as you keep focus, there will be no problem.


Hotel Pennsylvania, at the heart of the City

I think, New York offers a better hotels. In terms of locations. In the middle of the City. A plenty of Hotels available at the heart of the City with a cheaper price compared to London. In London, hotels situated in Zone 1 are expensive. But i guess, most of them depending on the seasons.

Edgware....40 minuets to Central London


Huhu.i just loved this. Who doesn't?..Both cities are heaven for a shopaholic and those who has money. Honestly, i think New York is much cheaper. Perhaps because of the currency itself.  For example Levis. Mr Hubby bought himself a pair of Levis and Jacket for less than $100. Worth it. Then i bought myself 2 MAC Compacts Powder for only $54= RM82 each.

Macy's store in New York

Harrods is much expensive than Macy's. I think Macy's has a lot to offer. Branded Handbags, Cloth, accessories, home furnishings, kids stuff etc etc. At least, you can buy something rather than just watching. But, i think, Harrods is way to expensive.


In New York, its so easy to get into airport especially main Airport like John F Kennedy International Airport. As for me, i took NYC Air Porter cost me $16 one way. Same goes to La Guardia Airport, you can take NYC Air Porter.

I took this at Port Authority Bus Station straight to the Airport.

In London, when you arrived/Depart from Heathrow International Airport, the fastest way to get to Central London is by Tube. Heathrow is situated in Zone 6, so you have to purchase GBP5 one way ticket and enjoy the ride straight to Central London in just 40 minutes. But if you arrived/depart from Stanstead Airport, then you have to take Stanstead Express and transit at Liverpool Street. You can opt  for Coaches and Cab as well. But as for me, London is more cheaper and easy.

At Heathrow


I loved both. In London, many of the Attractions are far from each other. It can only access by Tube or any other means of transport. In New York, most of the attractions are accessable by walking. So you don't have to spend more on transport. But not all, a few of them only.

Pokok pangkal, terpulang pada individu.  Aku hanya membuat perbandingan berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri sahaja. As a conclusion, for those who loved scenic view, historic architecure building, variety of Languages, then London/Europe is the best, but if you are more to Shopping, modern and urban lifestyle,then i think NYC has so much to offer....

Till now...babai!

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

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