Perfume Hunting on my Born Day!

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23.03.2013, is my Born day. Another year has come. Another year has made my life felt so blessed. Thank You Allah. Thank You for giving me chances to be with my loving one. Thank You Allah.

I have no special plan on that day. Just went for the movie "The Call". Impressive i think. The movie was so alive. It reminds me of the movie" silence of the lamb". Awesome movie...before that, we continue our mission looking for a Perfume. Last time i bought myself a perfume i think almost a year ago. I remember i bought this Coach Poppy.

I wish to buy Dolche and Gabbana, Rose the one. I think, this is one of the best. The rose fragrant really struck my nose..hehe..but the price increasing so rapidly. For 100ML the price now is RM400++. Last time i bought it only cost RM300++.

This is one of my favorite The icon is Scarlett Johansson.
Then, i proceed to Dior. Ms Dior also great. But the price also a bit unreasonable plus i don't really love the smell. It has a few types of Ms Dior Range. I forgot which one i tried. Perhaps this one

I almost bought the Lancome Est Belle. This is one of the most popular fragrant in Europe.The smell quite strong. I don't really like it...

The bottle is nice.
Then, i end up buying Channel Mademoiselle The bottle was simple and the smell was so refreshing. I can't afford to buy the 100ML one. I just took the 50ML.

Ok..can't make long entry. Got work to do.Will see you in the next entry......Au Revoir....!

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

Happy Birthday dear my other half!

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Salam All

Today is 18th. Today is Mr Hubby's Birthday. Happy Birthday dear one...May our life be blessed and happiness will always be ours till death do us apart. ....Thank you for being my spouse, my friend, my housemate and my Love.....

Happy birthday dear hubby, tahun depan jom jalan jalan lagi....:)

Gambar tak ada kena mengena dengan birthday. ....:)........just to remind us how fast time flies and how much i waited for the next dreaming again?.....

Till we meet again......

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

Hershey's Chocolate Factory

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Well, i am back. This post is already backdated. I forgot to share..Nak storye sikit pasal Chocolate Hershey ni. Semasa trip ke New York hari tuh, kami sempat singgah ke Kilang Pemprosesan Chocolate Hershey ni. Actually, i am not a chocolate lover. I don't even know so much of Choc brand. Haha. But Hershey is quite common. Kalau ke Langkawi, tak sah kalau tak beli Chocolate ni...:)

Hershey Choc Factory is situated in Pennsylvania, United States. Originated from Northern Side of US, the founder was Mr Milton S. Hershey.  You can google everthing about Mr Milton, his Hardwork, His career, his failure and his predicament towards Hershey's development.

We arrived here in the morning. In the freeeeezing winter. The scenery was magnificent. Outside the Factory, there was a theme park built for Hershey's, but it was closed due to Winter.

Just before the entrance

Bonjour .........
Well, the tour begins at about 9am. It was just a simple and short tour. But it was nice. Unfortunately, the picture quality was bad. My hand keep moving here and there and it was so hard to press the shutter, LOL..
This tour was simple. We just got into this little gondola. Then it will moved all around the Factory passing through the chocolate manufacturing.

The tour Starts here.

Errr..passing through it a cow or a ....?


Milk And Sugar


Well, i have a few pictures while i was in here. But all of it was in bad shape. Really can't share it now. After the ride was over, they gave us a small free gift. Thank You so much. I did really enjoy the ride, except for the "popo' chit chatting  here and there makes me feel like i am in Taiwan instead of Pennsylvania....huh!

After the ride, we then proceed to the Shopping area. Since i am not a choc fan, then i am not so eager in getting this Hershey. The price is a bit cheaper from any other store since this was all of the products manufactured. I bought 4 packages of Kiss Hershey with different flavors for $12. 

Shopping spree.

Take 5

Nice box

After about 2 hours spent here, we headed ourselves to the food court nearby since we haven't take any breakfast. A few salad bar were opened. All looks gorgeous.But i am still afraid those salads is mixed with rum or any other alcoholics stuff. 

Looks yummy

I just take this, plain bread with potato broth.
Yes. After taking our breakfast, we then heading to Corning Glass Museum situated at Niagara Falls.I think i shall stop here. Will continue with another story.Hopefully with other destinations. Dreaming again..:)..see you in the next entry......Adioss......

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

How to Apply for US Visa?

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Bonsoir friends...

Ok. Let me make it short. Anyone has plan to visit/travel to United States?Well, obtaining for a Visa is one of the primary step to get into US. If you want to travel all by yourself, then you have to get it yourself. Let me simplify the steps on how to apply for US Visa. US embassy is located at Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur,just opposite PNB and Tabung Haji.

Step 1
Firstly, you have to identify what type of Visa that you are applying. There are a numbers of Visa type including, immigrant and Non Immigrant. Select  for Non immigrant and look for a type of Forms depending on the purpose of your visit.It can be travel/tourist/medical purposes/Business etc.Refer to this link

Then go to Visas for Non Immigrant. Normally. for leisure and travel purposes, you have to choose the B1/B2 type of Visa.

Step 2
Please fill in the DS-160 online form. Before that, make sure you already have with you 4 Standard US Visa photos with white Background both hard copy and soft copy. Click this:-

Whenever you want to complete this form, you have to create an account basically your email address and password. Then you will be given a confirmation No and this No will be used when you want to re log to your account. Keep your Confirmation No safely.

Remember to fill in each and every items in the forms. For example, if they request for a hotel name or travel agent contact no, if you haven't make any booking yet, just fill in the proposed itinerary like i did to ensure the process of the Visa online is smooth.

When you have completed the form, kindly upload the Visa Photo onto your Form and save. Then print the confirmation page (2 pages) for your safe keeping and to be brought together during the interview. This confirmation contains Bar Code on the first page.

Step 3
Once you have your DS-160 Confirmation with you, then we can move on to the next step, i.e Payment. Before that, please print this:-

Bear in mind that each Deposit slip has its own expiry date. Please ensure that payment made before the expiry of the deposit slip. Please pay the exact amount which is currently RM512 per Applicant. Also noted that, this fee is not refundable either your Visa approved or denied.

Then, if you have the Standard Chartered Account, or online Banking, you can opt for Online Payment. If otherwise, then you have to go to any Standard Chartered Branch yourself like i did and make the payment.Once the payment is complete, then keep the  receipt and the Customer's Copy of the Deposit Slip.

Step 4

This step, you have to schedule for your interview.  Click this link:-

Once you have logged in, please create your account. This account is more alike the first account that you have created during the DS-160 Application. After the account has been created, then you can see most of the items of your information has been key in and we have to add a bit more of our info in there. 

Then, when the dashboard of your account displayed, opted for schedule for interview. Fill in the required fields and at the end fill in the receipt no. Choose the desired date and time at your convenience. The interview session will only be conducted in the morning from 7.40am to 10.00am. 

When the scheduling process is completed, then please print the interview confirmation slip.

During the interview

Please bring along these items when attending the interview session:-
  1. Your printed 2 pages DS-160 Online form confirmation.
  2. Your Interview Confirmation slip
  3. Your Visa Photo
  4. Your payment receipt
  5. IC
  6. Valid Passport
For other documentations, please bring along  your proof of means (salary slip, Letter of Appointment, Your Saving account to show that you have enough means to support your stay in the US.) In my case, i have prepared extra documents like marriage certificates (to proof ties) and Credentials (Degree/Diploma) in case it will be needed.

Please be there as early as possible so you don't have to stand in the long line. When you arrived, you can see that there are 2 forms of line. Just queue at the back and please standby with your IC and  Interview confirmation Slip Then get your Visitor Pass. After getting your Visitor Pass, proceed with the second line. Only 5 persons are allowed to go in and pass through the security. Your Hand Phone, Car Key and metals items are not allowed to bring in.

Then, get your Number and wait quietly in the waiting room. Wait till your number being called up and standby in your hand with your Photo, Your DS-160 Confirmation Slip and your Payment Receipt.When your number is up, go to the designated cubicle and hand over the items. Then you have to wait again. Then your number will be up once again but this time for Biometric Scan. During this process, place four of your fingers except your thumb onto the Scanner. Then place your both right and left thumbs onto the Scanner. Once the process is complete, you'll be asked to wait again until your number is up again.This 3rd calling will be the hardest one, ie the interview.


The interview will be conducted by American or most likely Chinese American. If you travel as a family, then the whole family members are to be present during the interview session. As for me, i and my Husband were called at the same time.

The interviewer is sitting behind the glass and speaks through the microphone which we can heard from outside.When your number is called, proceed to the designated cubicle and greet the interviewer. Dress in formal attire and some said, it would be better to wear necktie for a guy. The questions are varies depending on the interviewer. Pray for your luck because it is very much depends on how you can convince the interviewer. The question that i answered:-

Mr America: Good Morning

Me and Hubby: Good Morning Sir.

Mr America: How are both of you related?

Me: Husband and Wife Sir (as Mr Hubby tetiba gugup pulak)

Mr America: (Nodded) and further asked, When are you going to US?

Me and Mr Hubby: This coming 29th January until 9th of February 2013

Mr America: (Nodded) and asked, do you have any relatives staying in the US?

Me and Mr Hubby: No, We don't.

Mr America:What did you do sir (asking Mr Hubby)

Mr Hubby: I am..........................(as requested)

Mr America: Then how about your Madam?

Me: I am a..................(as requested)

Mr America: What area are you Practicing?

Me: In Banking and Litigation

Mr America: (Nodded)..ok, i think there should be no problems.I noticed that both of you opted a different methods of delivery. (as i opted for courier and Mr Hubby opted for Self picking at Wisma MCA.) Then he informed me that i can still change the delivery methods before midnight.

Both of us: Thank You very much sir.

Then, we pulled the door with huge smile......Relieve!....Selamat RM512.....

Tips: always say "No" whenever they asked whether we have relatives staying in the US. It would be much easier. Try to answer as simple as we can and do not open the answer for further interpretation. Simple and always precise.

So....Congrats then.......

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

Wall Street, New York

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Salam to all...

My journey almost come to an end. Wall Street is our final destination with our tour. It was raining that day. But i loved the weather so much because i know how much i will missed this moment....menuju ke Destinasi terakhir bersama dengan geng geng tour ni sebenarnya saat yang ditunggu tunggu jugak. Dah seminggu  tour ni membuatkan aku rasa "rimas" dengan sikap tour agent yang agak sukar bertutur dalam bahasa inggeris. Asyik nak berbahasa cina jeh. Kadang kadang rasa tak fair untuk kita yang sama sama bayar kos tour tuh. So bila tour ni almost complete, aku rasa sangat lega. Biarla aku atur perjalanan aku sendiri.

heading to Wall Street

Ye, di kala hujan renyai renyai kami meneruskan perjalanan ke Wall Street. Kami kena berjalan kaki hampir 15 minit ke WS disebabkan bas terpaksa drop kami agak jauh disebabkan tak ada tempat drop yang sesuai.
Located along Broadway to South Street on the East River on the Lower Manhattan. Wall Street is the home of New York Stock Exchange.

Wall Street
Talking about Wall Street, the one most recognizable landmark is the Bronze Bull. This iconic Bull is actually always crowded with peoples taking pictures here and there. Sesetengah tu terpaksa que panjang semata mata untuk bergambar dengan "Bull' ni. Tak tahu la apa yang special sangat. Tapi since kami datang ke sini dalam musim winter, so masih ada peluang untuk bergambar dengan "lembu" ni.....funny..:)..It was called "Charging Bull" symbolizing the aggressive financial, optimism and prosperity.

Mr Hubby vs Mr Bull

Me vs The Bull

26 Broadway


AT the nearby National Museum

The nearest Subway
Ye..that was the final picture. Kalau diikutkan banyak lagi yang aku ingin share. Tapi masa tak mengizinkan + dah banyak sangat entry pasal travel kali ni. Kalau ada kesempatan, aku nak share sedikit pasal budget di lain entry + nak kasi FM yang lebih lebih dekat rakan rakan blogger.

Sekian dulu buat kali ni...sampai jumpa di lain entry...Au Revoir!

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

Statue Of Liberty

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Salam to all...

Ishhhh....cerita Perjalanan aku hampir tamat. Hari hari terakhir hampir tiba. Hari ini ialah hari kedua akhir aku berada di bandaraya New York. Di awal aku sampai ke sini dulu, cuaca sangat baik. Cuma angin jeh yang kuat. Tapi masih belum bersalji. Sekarang, bandaraya New York sudah mula dilanda ribut. Ingat tak pasal Boston dilanda ribut salji sehingga berkaki kaki dalamnya. Ye, kejadian tuh berlaku setelah sehari kami meningalkan Bosotn, kalau terlambat, confirm kami stranded kat Boston.

Kami sampai ke NYC semula lebih kurang jam 5 petang. Cuaca tak berapa baik  Hujan renyai renyai tapi manusia tetap ramai.

Warning warning!

New Yorkers...arrrghhhhh...bad snap!

Lovely evening

Rockfeller Centre


At Timesquare
Kemudiannya kami dibawa ke Maddame Tussauds, tapi aku tak join. So kami merayau rayau di sekitar Timesquare and window window shopping sementara menunggu yang lain masuk dalam Maddame Tussauds tuh. Then kami terus beli dinner and perjalanan diteruskan ke Hotel kedua terakhir iaitu di New Jersey. Aku pun dah lupa nama Hotel ni, tapi macam biasala, kami bermalam cuma semalam disini.

Our room

Aktiviti keesokkannya ialah menaiki Ferry untuk melihat Patung kebebasan. Hehe...Statue of Liberty ialah symbol kebebasan bagi Amerika. Kebebasan yang diberikan oleh kerajaan Peranchis. Terletak di Upper New York Bay di Liberty Island dan Selatan Ellis Island.

Untuk melihat Statue ini, hendaklah menaiki ferri. Tambang untuk menaiki ferri ialah sebanyak $25 yang dibeli terlebih dahulu oleh Agen travel kami. Oleh kerana cuaca tidak berapa baik, ramai penumpang hanya duduk di bahagian berbumbung sahaja.

Keadaan di dalam ferri

Ahhhhh..........try nak amek gambar dalam gerimis.

Gelagat masing masing
Mr Hubby dah awal awal surrender nak duduk kat dalam sebab tak tahan sejuk. Aku jeh yang semangat nak try snap sikit sikit gambar kat luar. Tak pela, bukan senang nak rasa dah. Entah entah tak akan rasa dah sejuk macm ni...:)

Hi Guys....

Hmmm.....jauh betul jarak Statue Of Liberty tuh....

Mr Hubby vs Mr Liberty
Selepas lebih kurang 75 minit mengikuti perjalanan bersama sama dengan ferri ni, kami ke pameran kapal selam dan juga kapal terbang di museum sebelah. Masa ni Mr Hubby excited betul, and aku pulak yang boring. Nice jugak la kapal kapal kat sini.

Setelah 2 jam berada di Ferri dan di pameran kapal kapal ni, kami berangkat ke destinasi terakhir bersama dengan tour ni iaitu ke Wall Street. Hujan semakin lebat dan salji jugak semakin tebal. Perjalanan ke Wall Street mengambil masa lebih kurang 20 minit depends pada traffic di bandaraya New York.

Okla,nanti kita share tentang ke Wall Street pulak ye di lain entry....till now, tata..!

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

Empire State Building

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After a week i spent outside New York, now i am back to New York. Actually, the day i arrived here, the weather was awesome. And now, after a week i left NYC, the weather was terrible. There was a storm and hurricane all over northern region.

I missed a few attractions here in NYC, due to the bad weather and lack of time. Sedih jugak bila tak berkesempatan nak berkunjung ke SoHo, Ground Zerro, Rockfeller Centre, Trump Tower etc. Tapi maybe belum ada rezeki. Next time maybe?huh...

Ye, di hari terakhir di NYC, kami menginap di Hotel Fourpoints Sheraton di Timesquare. Boleh click di bawah untuk info yang lebih detail:-

Ini adalah Hotel terakhir kami ketika berada di NYC. Hotel ni betul betul berada di Timessquare dan lokasinya memang sangat strategic.

Small but comfy

I just love their Tv Channel, espeacially weather broadcast. So comprehensive

Kami hanya bermalam 1 malam di sini. Destinasi terakhir kami ialah ke Empire State Building yang terletak beberapa blok dari hotel ni. So lebih kurang pukul 8.30 pagi, kami terus berjalan kaki ke ESB. Cuaca pada pagi tuh sangatla sejuk. Salji pulak turun dari malam tadi. Beberapai pekerja sedang sibuk membersihkan salji salji yang membanjiri jalan jalan utama di Bandaraya New York.

Busy betul mereka.

Mesti pakcek tuh kesejukkan yang dasyat.

At the Park .5th Avenue Bryant Park

Mr Hubby jalan tak toleh toleh dah.

Kami sampai ke Empire State dalam 30 minit kemudiannya. Business diorang ni start jam 9.00 pagi. SO awal awal lagi kami dah sampai, tak perlula nak que panjang. Tourist tak berapa ramai pagi tuh. Maybe tak bangun tidur lagi. Tiket masuk kami dah beli masa join tour sebelum ni. Sepatutnya pergi ke sini ialah hari sebelum ni, tapi kami tak join sebab cuaca sangat mendung dan berawan and takut tak nampak view dengan jelas. Seems we are still here, then we postponed to visit ESB on the next day.

Dah sampai.

No need to que..yuhuuuuuu..

Tengok kamera!

King Kong

Arrived at 86th Floor.

The view

We took only 30 minutes to spend here. It was freaking cold and windy. Dah snap snap sikit kami terus masuk ke dalam. Hajat nak beli souvenier sikit buat kenangan, tapi harga semua memang mahal. Tak jadi beli. Baik beli kat kedai kedai gift yang berlambak kat bawah sana.

Lepas ke sini, kami beli lunch and terus balik ke hotel untuk check out. Kami kena standy untuk check out awal sebab takut pape hal nanti susah. Flite balik kami jam 9.00PM, so dalam pukul 2 kami kena bertolak ke JFK airport.

Okla, setakat ini dulu entry ni, insyaallah, nanti kita share pasal bajet pulak ye....till now..tata!

Terima kasih, datang lagi.

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