The Conjuring VS Mortal Instruments VS Elysium

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Salam All

Quite some times saya tak buat movie review. la sangat....based on my opinion jeh laa.well..i believe most of the bloggers have seen these 3 movies...which one of these are the finest?lets go one by one..


After a month screening then only i and Mr Hubby went to the cinemas. Mr Hubby is horror movie hater. So dia memang tak suka cerita seram. The last horror movie i've watched i think was few years ago and i forgot what the movie was.Then all the sudden, peoples are talking about the The Conjuring. In FB, office they keep talking about it. Last Saturday i went to watch the same. Here all i can say about the movie:
  • The plot was great. Easy to comprehend. Straight forward story line.
  • The sound effect as usual was superb (kalau tengok DVD memang tak boleh nak feel)
  • What i loved most is that, all scenes did not reveal the whole picture of the entity/ghost and it makes the scene even more scary. Especially scene where the ghost attempt to possess the mother while she was asleep in her room alone.The 2nd one is where the event of the exorcism took place. When the blood spilled over her face while she was covered by the white blanket.
  • Yes, the cliche scenes like the ghost pulling the girls feet during their sleeps, the ghost jumped off the girls from the closet, the hide and seek scenes (clap or whatever they call it, i forgot) when the mother is searching of her youngest daughter (April i guess) and suddenly the closet opened on its own and "something clapped "from inside the closet makes the audience a bit shouting nevertheless. I have the part when the audience purposely scream even though the scene was not that shocking.
In short i can simply give 3.5 out of 5 for THE CONJURING


I watched this movie back to back exactly  after i watched the Conjuring, Just imagined i felt i just strangled my self. Well, the promo was great then i thought this story was good as the trailer. i opined this while i was watching this:-
  • I can see that Lily Collins improved in the way she acted compared tho her previous movies like Mirror Mirror, The Priest and Abduction. But she was too tight with the script so she could not deliver her best in this movie.
  • The plot and the story line was quite messed up i guess. The CGI was great even though not as good as Harry Potter or The Beautiful Creatures.
  • I can give credit to Jamie Bower for his role as Jace weyland  (betul ke tuh?). I can see his spontaneous act while playing his role. Maybe of his experience in theater back in London as he was British and Musician as well. He played music very well too.If you are a fan of Camelot the series, he played King Arthur.
  • This movie doesn't give me any kind of adrenalin or emotions. So much of santai and relax till i realized i almost asleep.
I think i can rate this movie 2 out of 5.....hehehe.....


I watched this movie for the only reason is Matt Damon. I loved him since The Bourne Series But, well, its hard to say about this movie, so i can just sum up as follows:-
  • This movie was too surface i guess. It did not reveal the previous character of Matt Damon ( as Max) instead of just mentioning that he once was the car thief. It also did not reveal the Elysium per se. I mean, who deserve to live up there, what criteria they have, how can the world be divided into these 2 tiers.
  • Jodie Foster once was a great actress. I remember her played well in Silence of the Lamb which entitled her for the Oscar. But in this, her character was too weak...errr..... and the way she gosh, just like that?
  • Yeahh...Mat Dammon died at the end...what an ending.....i despise that..hahaha....
Overall, i rated this movie 2 out of 5.....ok tak?
So..what's your opinion? Let share it........bubai........

Terima kasih, datang lagi.


Ahmad Zarif said...

bagi sy, hanya the conjuring shj yang betul2 terbaik

Lieya Von Jay said...

saya tak tengok ke semua nya lagi. hari tu nak tgk the conjuring tapi time plak xkena.. akak siap tdo2 lagi dlam wayang ek, ehhe

Cik Mun said...

xtengok lagi semua cite ni..hoho

Ayu Zan said...

cume tengok elysium je..

siti zahara said...

cite THE CONJURING mng suka sgt5..mng jeritlah dlm umh..hehehe..tpi mng terbaik..katanya cite ni dari sumber kisah benar..=D

fuza said...

sibuk raya..semua pun tak tgk lagi ni..

aisya said...

teringin nak tgk mortal instruments.. elysium pun tak tengok lagi... the conjuring dah tengok, boleh lah.. hehe

Cik Itah@RRP said...

nak tengok semua!

NAE said...

Conjuring is the best horror movie i ever watch. Dia punya sound dengan adegan2 terkejut tu memang betul2 menjadi .. mau tak menjerit2 dalam panggung wayang masa tengok .. wakaka

chicken_floss said...

I think Insidious is much horror than conjuring. The conjuring has a happy ending and I don't really like a happy ending for horror looks real if someone has gone or dead. :) However, it's a good movie. i love to watch a horror movie.

S.K.A said...

menarik ni =) ramai juga tgok blogger share psal citer ni..nk2 the conjuring..ada pluang boleh dwnld je..

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