Journey to Pisa and Florence Italy

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Lets continue our journey. After spending one whole day exploring the Eternal City, Rome, the 2nd day we decided to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Pisa was not located in Rome. We have to take another train and it was about 40 minutes train ride from Rome. (tetiba tukar english pulak)

When i was first getting to know Rome, i thought Pisa and Rome actually sharing the same location. No, it's not. Okay, to get here, first we have to go to Roma Termini which is the main Train Station in Rome. Oh before i forgot, let me share our stay in Rome. We stayed in Courtyard Rome Central Park.  From Rome Termini, take a Metro Line A (Red Line) and stopped at Aurella Station. From there, change to Regional Train to Gemili Station. From Gemili Station, walk on your right till 2nd junction and take left. You can see the Huge Hotel Sign from there.

At the front door
As i posted in my early entry i mentioned about the snatched in the Metro. As a complimentari,we received a huge benefits from this hotel. We have been given the Executive Suite and internet for free. Weeeeeee...........What a relief....

Our bed

View from the balcony
Okay, back to our journey. We depart from Rome Termini to Pisa at noon boarding trenitalia. As i also mentioned earlier, we have purchased the Global Pass which entitled us to board the first class Train coach but at first we have pay for the reservation. The cost of High Speed Train reservation is Euro10 per journey which total up to Euro20 for return.

Our Seat....hehe..

Arrived at Pisa Centrale
When we board the Train, make sure we are in the Correct Platform and also to ensure the number of the Train No. It does not matter when the train displayed the Last Destination that the Train terminates as long as we are in the correct Train. For example, i want to go to Pisa, but the Train says the destination terminates at Milan. If so, just check the Train No.

Pisa Centrale
From Pisa Centrale, we have to take a bus to Pisa. Its about 15 minutes ride. From the Station, we have to cross the road in order to get the Bus. I forgot the Bus No but just asked the locals there and said the word "tower" then they will show you the Bus.

Pisa is just a small town. But the public transport is so great. There were buses everywhere and you don't have to wait long to catch one.

Outside the Tower

When we was here, the weather was so gloomy eventhough it just around 5PM. Crowd not really bother much. Some of them busy to get the right angle like pushing the Tower and lean over the Tower. I believe they were using specific angle to get the desired post as they want.

While we are enjoying our view, all the sudden, the urgency to go to the toilet was intolerable. Huh..searching for the toilet around here and we found one, which was the cheapest at 0.50 Euro. One thing i loved about the toilet here was that the cleanliness was well maintained.

After 1 hour, we decided to move back. What i'm concerned is that, we have no idea when will be the last train to Rome. Its geting dark even faster in Winter. Before that, we have a chance to take a look for a few Souvenier. Here, FM is quite cheap compared to any other place.

Fridge Magnet

Pelbagai jenis souvenier

We took the same bus from Pisa to Pisa Centrale Train Station which took at least 15 minutes ride. Fortunately we manage to catch the 7.15PM train to Rome and yet we have to pay another 10euro for reservation.

Que to purcahse the Train ticket
This is quite a lenghty post because i tend to combine both entry in one. The next journey on our 3rd day was to get to Florence, Italy. When we speak about Florence, the first thing browsing in mind is that, its luxury outlet. Well...i thought i could get one from those outlet.....

From Rome Termini, we took a Train to Firenze (Santa Maria Novella) and it took almost 40 minutes ride. As we are a Pass Holder (Global) then again we entitle to board the first class gak sekali sekali satu train dengan business man ni....

Complimentary refreshment.

Firenze Train Station aka Florence

From here, there are several ways to get to Florence Outlet and there are a few outlets actually. The Prada Outlet, The Mall, Barbeno and The Fashion Valley. If you take a cab, beware of the fare since it was so expensive. We just took a bus for the fare of Euro15 per journey.

List of Outlets in Florence and cab fare
Perjalanan ke Outlet The Mall memakan masa selama 1 jam. Most of the outlets are located in sub urban/rural area. So it took a while to get there. Mau tertido jugak dalam bas dibuatnya. The weather was supercold that morning...The was was full and most of them are chienese.

From the Train Station, we have to walk at least 10 minutes on your right to get the bus. It's a blue color bus and you pay the ticket once you get into the bus.

We arrived at the Mall around 11am. It was raining that day. Basiccaly it was just a small outlet. What i can re call was that, it has a few designer outlet like Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Fendi and some other italian brands. The most allured is Prada and it was so crowded that time.

At Gucci outlet

I desperately in need of one of them.....


i want this too
While waiting for the bus to get to train Station, we have nothing to eat since there was no Halal food at all around here. What else should we do unless to endure the hunger....hahaha...but i enjoyed my Vanilla Gelato here.

3 Euro
Bila sampai bas, memang terus berebut naik la pasal tak sabar nak balik ke Rome. Tak tahan nak makan dah sebab kat Rome senang nak cari makanan halal. Setibanya di Rome, we headed to Halal Hindu Restaurant located just opposite Rome Termini.

My friend ordered Spagheti

Half bird for me...

Lovely Onion Kebab Pizza for both of us

Selepas mengisi perut later on, we proceed to take a Metro ride to Trevi Fountain once again. It must have been different view at night was it? kami pun jalan jalan area sini sambil cuci mata. Pemandangan malam sangat cantik di sini

Leather bag which i bought myself for 20Euro

Alal ala LV gitu

Waiting for the customer

Trevi at Night
Okey...thats all for now....biarpun kenangan di sini bercampur baur..tapi rasa best tuh still ada. Cuma nasihat saya, kena extra hati hati sebab di sini terlalu ramai pendatang. Mungkin diorang pun tak ada pekerjaan tetap, so apa yang diorang buat cuma nak kena kan tourist macam kita jeh.

Apapun..semoga perkongsian ni dapat jadi tips untuk yang nak ke Rome sedikit sebanyak. Nanti saya kongsikan pengalaman perjalanan saya ke Vienna pula ye....jumpa di next entry.......Adiossss...

Terima kasih, datang lagi.


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kak nak fm..:)

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Trevi tu waktu malam cantik sgt la.

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pengalaman yg sangat2 best.. menara pisa sy tengok kt gambar jer.. huhu

Aisya A. said...

kak zuha, nak fridge magnet dr italia.. wink2.. hehe

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seronok nye la tgk agak g holiday kat negara orang..btw take care ye kak ble nak g holiday lg..risau pasal news mh370 tu

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Macam best je PISA..

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syoknye tgk akk travel jauh2...

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