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Dalam busy busy kerja ni, persiapan raya lagi, masih sempat nak tengok blog. Al maklumla, dah lama tak update blog. Memang seronok bulan puasa ni, kemeriahan terasa. Tapi apa yang penat,ialah tahap kesesakan jalan raya yang semakin kronik, nak rushing masa nak masak lagi. Semalam sajer aku sampai rumah 6.30 petang, walhal keluar office 4.30. Sampai jeh rumah, terus berkung fu kat dapur. Tangan kiri masak nasi, tangan kanan masak air. Nasib kaki tak boleh guna jeh. Nak potong sayur, bawang, keluarkan ayam dari fridge lagi etc etc. Siap masak jeh dah pukul 7.10pm and sedar sedar masih tak solat asar. Subhanaallah.......

Oklah...since blog aku ni memang focus pasal travel, so aku nak share tips tips untuk travel. Ada jugak yang hantar email tanya bajet dan tips nak travel ni. So aku wat jeh satu entry tentang tips tips ni. Sebenarnya tips umum jeh. Rasanya rata rata tahu. Tapi dalam yang tahu tuh,ada jugak yang tak tahu kan...ehehehe....


1. Cloths?Depends on  weather. But please bring along your light jacket, trench coat (when you travel across   europe, mostly its chilly all the times and rainny except peak summer (Julai-Ogos)
except winter...

2. Dont forget your lip balm and mosturiser/vaseline as humidity in those countries (cold zone) is extremely low. Dryness and itchiness will erupt all over your body. Seriously, i've experienced that.

Fatally impoartant!

3. Carry along your mineral bottle all the way because its very difficult for us to find the toilet with water supply. The only thing left in there are tissues.As a muslims, hygiene is the utmost part.


4.Bring along your universal charger/adapter (compulsory). You can purchase this in certain airlines.. (Airasia).

Sometimes i bought it at the hotel

5. Make sure that you weight your luggage before travel. Especially when boarding Airasia,. excessive baggage will cost you millions!. (we have experienced this at Stanstead Airport, where we need to pay RM650) over the excess baggage...huwaaaaaaa....Some airlines provides 20KG Max Baggage and some 30KG.

Use normal weight machine..kehkeh

6.To smoothen your journey, kindly purchase travel  wristlet/holder so that you can easily jumble your things like passport, Visa,money, ID card etc in one place.
Please scrutinize your items

7.If you are travel lover, please buy yourself a durable luggage with 4 wheels. It happens to me, i brought POLO luggage which cost me only RM60 but end up damaged in the middle of nowhere.( Samsonite pun ok). Its worth the buy because it carries your valuable belongings.

Not afford but worth the buy....huhuh, but some of my friends say, it might lost during the cargo transfer..

8.Do learn some of their basic languange to enable you to comunicate and they will treat you well. Especially in france and Japan. I bought myself a simple  pocket guidebook . At least i can ask the most basic questions like, where is this place?How do you do, Good moring etc etc. They'll appreciate me!

Pocket size is easier

9. Carry along a compass to facilitate you in finding Qiblah direction.

Learn how to use this

10.Please carry along your itinerary each time you travel across border. As the european countries do not require visas for traveler.At the Customs Department, they frequently requested for your itinerary to make sure that you have a place to stay.

Air Asia itinerary


1. During long haul flight (8-14 Hours), please stretch your leg, especially moves your toes to prevent swelling. It happens to me a few times and it took at least one day to heal back.

My kaki with socks.....

2. If you are a toilet lover, choose a seat down the aisle .

Please choose your seat if you are so much concern of toilet and travel with baby

3.Bring along your pen always and complete your arrival form at least 1 hour before landing.

Dont ever forget!

4.If you travel by airasia, please book your meal online. Time and money save and you will not missed your favourite meal. It happens to me once, i have to pay RM25 for a plate of "not tasty" vegetarian lasagna.

Air Asia concern only


1.Summer is the best season to travel. Longer day for a walk and sale all over the place.But prepare for long ques in any major attractions..hehe

Que di Maddame Tussauds lebih dari 2 jam......:(

2.. If you travel with different airlines, please check  your connection flight prior to your vacation. It will ease you in boarding process. So no need  to claim your luggage twice.

I've experienced this during my transit at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok. To change flite (Lufthansa Airlines to Egypt Air to Cairo. Maybe i could have skipped this long que!

3.If you are using escalator, kindly stand on your right side to allow other to pass through.(in Malaysia, we used to stand on left side).

4. Google your Halal Food. Check some of your raw material (rice, sardine,bread,anchovies) whether it is approved items. I've experienced this when we have to throw out some foods at Coolangata International Airport, Australia. (sayang kat serunding daging kena buang)

5. Always check your passport expiry date (6 months before actual expiry date) and check Visa's application prior to your vacation.

6. If you travel alone (without travel agent), please choose your hotel near the Public transport especially subway. You can purchase the pass online. I've attach the link in my previous entry. Public Cab/airport Limo will cost you a lot. I've experienced it when i went to Japan, which i took a cab (midnight) from Subway station to the hotel (approx less than 6KM and it cost me around JPY2,000 (RM79++).

7. Print your map/subway map/bus route and laminate. It will be your amulet..hahaha..everything  you are about to do, you will refer to that.

8. My friend once told me, try not to bring the baggage with those slots and pockets. It will gives others space to put something "unwanted" into your luggage. DRUGS for example.

9.Try to make your baggage "different" from the others by tagging it, buying an extra striking color so to make you easy to trace your bags at the baggage claim conveyer.


easy to learn some of basic language/translation.

to look through the exact place/hotel.

to check the expenses in RM

booking online is much cheaper.

to see the hotels rate all over the world.

other option for hotel lover

to compare the lowest airlines fare.

choose a variety of city tour with an amazing prices.

Tu serba sedikit tips tips umum la yang sempat aku kongsi berdasarkan pengalaman aku. Banyak lagi yang tak sempat di kongsi di sini..ehehe...susah jugak update blog kat tempat kerja ni... staf asyik datang mencelah jeh....okla....see you in the next entry....tata..!

Terima kasih, datang lagi.


dieya said...

great tips u hv there. sangat2 setuju *baca sambil angguk2*
2 jam que kat madame tussauds? aduh.. penat tu.. perhaps u wanna consider buying your tix online in advance. i did that, skjp je beratur dah boleh masuk.

noornazuha said...

yela dieya....belajar dari pengalaman..hehe

ziana said...

Lengkap dan precise..

DalilaMian said...

comelnye post ni..rajin letak gamba segalaa..hehe

noornazuha said...

The more gambar,the merrier,haha

aisya said...

Biar betul kena bayar RM650 kak? tu lebih berapa kg tu? huhu

noornazuha said...

Lebihan 6kg lebeh,1kg kena 10 pound,adus

shark said...

nice advice..:)

miss chillax said...

sangat membantu :D

Outbound di Malang said...

nice post :)

~~oOpEt~~ said...

advice berguna lau nk g travel ni :)

izan mama mia said...

tip yg berguna...
tq singgah blog saya..
salam lebaran..

ZiErWa zAiNaL said...

wah.,.. mmg sgt membntu la.. hehe
terima kasih.. =)

Outbound di malang said...

Nice blog :)
salam kenal sobat :)
di tunggu kunjungan balik.nya ya !terimakasih ...

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