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Salam All..

Today i got mood to write. Susah la nak cari mood dan masa untuk meng update blog sekarang. Especially restriction dari sudut masa.Ok ok..stop bebelan...i just nak share one point jeh dalam entry ni. Some of my friends asking me which one is more fun, either travelling to europe or to United States.Well, its a bit hard to response since i am not a full time traveler There was so many other places that i have not been there yet. 

Never mind, i can simply say, both are gorgeous. Both are mesmerizing. Personally, i loved europe more in terms of scenic view and variety of cultures and languages. But, it might be different to others.I can't say much on this. It just my personal view.


In terms of safety, i prefer London. Not that i say New York is not safe, but the crime rates and homeless are much higher in New York. Not that also i say London is a free crime city, but the fear is much less when you walk around the city even at night.


Well, both are superb. But when it comes to this, there are Pro and Contra as well. In London, the underground train known as Tube is much organized. You can simply recognize  the name of the Station. As in New York, the underground train known as Metro is jumble up with Alphabets and Numeric lines as it was running by 2 different companies. But one good point about New York is that, their Metro is running 24/7. Then you don't have to worry if you arrived late at midnight. But as the Tube in London, running time is about 6.00AM up to 11.Pm.


When we are talking about the weather, its hard to say. As i have not experienced much on this. But looking at the latitude, New York is much extreme when it comes to Winter. Extreme in the sense of the snow amount and possibility of the blizzard as well.  Both experienced 4 annual seasons and i believe both are extremely beautiful in Autumn and Spring. Some says, its hard to find inches of Snow at the Central Of London. I am not sure about that. But since i went to New York in Winter, i can simply say, the snow along the NYC is about 3 inches to 5 inches.

At the Central of NYC, Hyatt Place Hotel


Both are the same. Very easy to find Halal Food. Not too worry. But personally, i think Halal Food in NYC is much cheaper.

Jom Makan, Malaysian Food at Central London

Halal Booth

Londoner used to talk with accent and a bit slower than a New Yorker. I always have a trouble listening to them..hahaha, funny...i have to listen twice each time having a conversation with them. Same goes to the New Yorker. They don't have accent but they talk as swift as wind..haha...hard to catch... But as long as you keep focus, there will be no problem.


Hotel Pennsylvania, at the heart of the City

I think, New York offers a better hotels. In terms of locations. In the middle of the City. A plenty of Hotels available at the heart of the City with a cheaper price compared to London. In London, hotels situated in Zone 1 are expensive. But i guess, most of them depending on the seasons.

Edgware....40 minuets to Central London


Huhu.i just loved this. Who doesn't?..Both cities are heaven for a shopaholic and those who has money. Honestly, i think New York is much cheaper. Perhaps because of the currency itself.  For example Levis. Mr Hubby bought himself a pair of Levis and Jacket for less than $100. Worth it. Then i bought myself 2 MAC Compacts Powder for only $54= RM82 each.

Macy's store in New York

Harrods is much expensive than Macy's. I think Macy's has a lot to offer. Branded Handbags, Cloth, accessories, home furnishings, kids stuff etc etc. At least, you can buy something rather than just watching. But, i think, Harrods is way to expensive.


In New York, its so easy to get into airport especially main Airport like John F Kennedy International Airport. As for me, i took NYC Air Porter cost me $16 one way. Same goes to La Guardia Airport, you can take NYC Air Porter.

I took this at Port Authority Bus Station straight to the Airport.

In London, when you arrived/Depart from Heathrow International Airport, the fastest way to get to Central London is by Tube. Heathrow is situated in Zone 6, so you have to purchase GBP5 one way ticket and enjoy the ride straight to Central London in just 40 minutes. But if you arrived/depart from Stanstead Airport, then you have to take Stanstead Express and transit at Liverpool Street. You can opt  for Coaches and Cab as well. But as for me, London is more cheaper and easy.

At Heathrow


I loved both. In London, many of the Attractions are far from each other. It can only access by Tube or any other means of transport. In New York, most of the attractions are accessable by walking. So you don't have to spend more on transport. But not all, a few of them only.

Pokok pangkal, terpulang pada individu.  Aku hanya membuat perbandingan berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri sahaja. As a conclusion, for those who loved scenic view, historic architecure building, variety of Languages, then London/Europe is the best, but if you are more to Shopping, modern and urban lifestyle,then i think NYC has so much to offer....

Till now...babai!

Terima kasih, datang lagi.


Asyik Izas said...

terbaiklah all the info..
blog ni boleh jd guide sblm melancong..hehe

Megat Fareto Asnami Suhaimi said...

Miss New York so much! I prefer NY more than LHR! :)

PuTrImaRyam said...

after reading this, i think i prefer NY....maybe becos of shopping and the halal guy chart ( famous kan)...hhehehe...but good info..loike

Cik Nur™ said...

mmg boleh jadikann panduan kelak... :)

ziana said...

Very precise and interesting.. so why are you waiting for.. be my guest to become my travel guide.. kih..kih a day dreaming again???)

Tuan askalani said...

teringin nak pegi..

Tuan askalani said...

teringin nak dtg sana

Meyra John said...


aisya said...

kwn study kt UK ada cakap, kalau datang sana time winter murah. tp tu la, entah bila nak pergi cuti2 kat sana ni.. =)

puteri kasih said...

very interesting info Kak Zuha. I have never been to both..but wish to visit those places oneday :)

Anonymous said...

info yg bagus ni...huhu bila la kan akan smp ke tgk gmbr2 akak tuh :)

Mime MF said...

bestnyer kan kalau dpt kesana...huhu apa pun info2 yg diberi bagus utk jadikan pnduan kalau confius nk travel kemana..hehe

QasehnyaRania said...

info yg menarik .boleh jadi panduan pada yang nak ke sana.. rasanya baik pilih NY

Aniq Bukhary said...

Jelous plak aku ngn blog nie...

anakMommy said...

teringin nak pegi...huhu
nape xleh nak shout eh...netbook ni xcukup besar ke

Alin Marlini said...

hehehe...nak Koreaner...


Uk accent sgt pekat, sy pon kadang2 kene bukak telinga luas2, mungkin sbb kita membesar dgn US accent kot hehe

dela said...

salji! adeh... bestnya.... cemburunya... nk ikot...hhee

Vivi Farhana said...

Woah..bestnya :)!!

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