Journey to Orlando, Florida

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Hello all
Its almost 3.30am here in Orlando, Florida. I can't sleep. Maybe it is still a jet lag. Mata terkebil kebil and then aku fikir, its better if i update my blog then.

We arrived here in Orlando yesterday, 1st of February, 2013 using Delta Airlines at La Guardia Airport New York. Our flight schedule at 9 AM New York time and we have to get to the airport as early as possible. So we took a cab with $34 + Tips straight from Penn Station to La Guardia.

One thing i loved about the La Guardia Airport is that, while waiting in the departure hall, i can simply logged in internet using this free I pad...


Mr Hubby pun happy
So, while awaits for the boarding time (as we arrived 2 hours earlier), I just enjoyed this for free..hehe..Ok then, boarding time took about half an hour waiting since priority has to be given to the first classpassengers first.

Its a short hour flight. It took only 2 hour and 30 minutes to get to Orlando.While in the flight, i just sleep as i felt so freaking tired since the first day i've been here. We landed at about 11.50AM at Orlando International Airport.

The view
The view was magnificent. Its a Palma-Wetland-Swampy-Tropical kind of thing. The sun was great too. Take off your winter coat as you stepped here as the weather is warm and cosy but a bit windy. 

Sampai jeh di Orlando, ada problem sikit berlaku as Mr Hubby's luggage missing its tak boleh nak tarik. So then we lodge complaint at Delta Baggage Service and fortunately they replaced it with a new one.

at the counter.

Proses penukaran luggage. Tak pasal pasal dapat luggage Turqoise.
I forgot to mention that the cost for the luggage carriage for Delta AIrlines is $25 per bag. So we have to pay for $50 for two. Tengok tengok, rosak pulak. And on the same day, ramai pulak passenger komplen hilang luggage.Hmmm.....

Okla...proceed with the Orlando thing. Here are some pictures of the Orlando International Airport..

So clean

Agak lengang hari tu.
Then, we took Airport Shuttle heading to our hotel which cost us $60 for 2 persons return. The driver, Mr Robert Bravo was so nice. Oh, forgot to mention, there are a few languages using here. English and Spanish are common. Whenever i heard the announcement at this airport, it was bilingual English and Spanish. Its a geographical and history thing that let the Mexican came into play.And i think, Mr Robert bravo was half caucasian and Spanish on the other half..hahaha!

The Shuttle.

Aku yang masih berbungkus...

Here, we stayed at Quality Inn and Suites. Bukan Quality hotel was 30 minutes away from the airport. Along the way,i looked upon the City and what can i say, it was a small, tropical, less crowded and clean city. It also reminds me to the New Orleans, Louisiana kind of place.

Sunny weather
We arrived at the Hotel at about 1PM. The hotel was quite small but so clean. We  are welcomed by the cordial receptionist. She was like a Jamaican-African natives and fluent in English. She explained to us about the bus schedule, the meal, the attractions and the service as well.

The front desk

Hehe..all non smoking room

Small but comfy
The bed was great too

Bakal semak dengan barang barang aku
Overall, i am satisfied with the hotel. Nice stay for 2 nights though.Over here, there was no Train, Subway or Air train. The only public transport was the Trolly or known to us a bus. It a green and red bus that carried passenger throughout the city.

After having my usual Maggi and Sambal, Solat and freshen up, we  took a green Trolly to the Centre of the City.The trolly was great and it cost $1.50 for one way ride.
Outside the hotel.

Waiting for the Trolly.

Inside the Trolly.

Crowne Plaza Hotel.

In front of the Harley Davidson outlet.

Memang terlepas dari kesejukan

Bought some souvenirs here.

Each for $3
Our main intention of going here is to visit the Universal Studios. Among the famous attractions here are, Universal Studios, Wet and Wild Park, Disneyland and Legoland. Just like Gold Coast in Australia, the main attractions attracted tourist all over the world and making Orlando International Airport the 29th busiest airport in the world....huhu...

Almost 5 AM here. Got to go and will update more......see you then...Au Revoir..!

Terima kasih, datang lagi.


dieya said...

Have fun at universal studios. Hug shrek for me!

xila dot said...

nampak bestnye....

Cik Nur said...

Nur xdapat tgk semua pic..mgkin tenet slow nak loading...

nampak bersih je kan negara orgkan...

ziana said...

Best giler, luqman kata best la tu aunty zuha g sana

Cyma Alid said...

bestnya..pemandangan cantik sgt2...happy holidays..

shark said...

best nyer awak jalan2..:)

Alin Marlini said...


pdah83 said...

assalammualaikum sis. Nak tanye..transportation dr NYC/JFK airport ke La Guardia airport? And how much? Thanks.

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